February 25, 2018

About Me

Well known as “Memory King” is a renowned memory trainer, author and speaker. He is known for his extra ordinary memory and expertise in imparting memory improvement training. Thousands of participants in different cities of India have taken benefit from his memory Improvement workshops & Seminars .

He has also grown into the field of mind power development by a painstake work from a decade. He has studiestism, habits and Mind control science and has acquired an indepth scientific understanding about the same. He has done a lot of research and experiments in the field of memory improvement.

He has developed several innovative tools:

  • He is originator of Hypnotic Concentration Concept.

  • He is originator of Hypnotic Confidence Concept.

  • He has invented a lot of exercises to develop overall mind power.

  • His research is continuing on remembering and learning because he says, “Improvements never end” .


I was born at Nasirabad Cantt. in Ajmer district in Rajasthan. I was an average student in my school life form the very beginning in first standard. I only failed but all other students passed. All the teachers and relatives considered me as blockheaded. My mum tried hard to improve my possition even then I passed with IIIrd Division in my primary classes but a turning point happened in my life after class 7th I visited my maternal uncle’s home during the summer vacations. There I happened to see an advertisement in a newspaper in regard to improve memory level. I attended the seminar with my maternal uncle. There I saw that a man with closed eyes told us all the mobile numbers accurately written in vertical and horizontal way. I didn’t learn even a single number. I was stunned to see this. The man was Mr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury, One of the most having sharpned memory. My Maternal Uncle told him about my weakness. He replied that if you don’t know how to run your brain machin it doesn’t mean that your brain is weak. Learn to use it and you can become a memory genius also. I joined the workshop and promised that I will learn this brain mechanism at any cost. I visited Mumbai, Delhi & there learnt memory techniques. I kept on practising then I topped in Class Xth and XIIth in my school as well as did the same in my college education. At present I am working with mind power organisation at Udaipur in Rajasthan. My Goal is to prepare the new generation to face all the hurdles which I faced in my life.

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