Memory Pluse + Blossom Spoken English + Genie Abecuse + Wonder Write + Tricky Maths

We offer 12 hours programme, which can be split over two, three or four days. We organize open seminars in all the major cities of India. It is a type of a full-fledged programme in itself, which is useful for students, professionals and executives. Students of the 6th class and above can join the workshop.

Well known as “Memory King” is a renowned memory trainer, author and speaker. He is known for his extra ordinary memory and expertise in imparting memory improvement training. Thousands of participants in different cities of India have taken benefit from his memory Improvement workshops & Seminars .
Naveen Agarwal is a Most wanted Memory guru

CONTACT US FOR SEMINAR OR WORKSHOP Memory pluse + Motivation + Public Speaking + Subconscious Mind + Meditation + Vocabulary + Spoken English + Sales + N.L.P. + P.D. etc GENIE ABECUSE SCHOOL PROJECT FRANCHISEE Memory Pluse + Blossom Spoken English + Genie Abecuse + Wonder Write + Tricky Maths + Mind Power Lab + Gadgets SCINCE PROJECTS AND FAIR TRAINER AND TRAINING CONCENTRATION AND MEMORY GADGETS EXCLUSIVE KIT (Books and V.C.D.) HEAD OFFICE: BEHIND SATELLITE HOSPITAL, AADARSH NAGAR, AJMER

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