February 25, 2018




General Programmes

12 Hours Workshops

We offer 12 hours programme, which can be split over two, three or four days. We organize open seminars in all the major cities of India. It is a type of a full-fledged programme in itself, which is useful for students, professionals and executives. Students of the 6th class and above can join the workshop.

Fee for this programme ranges between Rs. 2500/- Rs. 4500/- per candidate depending upon the location and venue of the programme

12 Hours Workshop Contents

During our workshop we will teach how to memorise different type of information. Like:

+   Basic Fundamentals of Brain, Mind & Memory +   Law Sections/Acts
+   Memory Principles +   Popular Quotations
+   General Knowledge +   Important Days & Years
+   Atomic Numbers +   History Dates
+   Atomic Masses/Valences +   Important Days & Years
+   Chemical Names +   Country Latitude & Longitude
+   Chemical Reaction +   Sequence of Mughal Emperors / Ministers etc.
+   Chemical Formulas +   Telephone Numbers
+   Scientific Terms +   Vehicle Numbers
+   Trigonometric Formulas +   Names & Faces
+   Physics Formulas +   Appointments
+   Periodic Table Column +   Lists of Different Kind
+   Mathematics Formulas +   Speech Memorising
+   Numerical Values +   Country Political
+   Science Formulas +   Geographical Maps
+   Cube Roots +   Road Maps
+   Square Roots +   Tables
+   Reciprocals +   Definitions
+   Dimensional Formulas +   Vocabulary /Antonyms/Synonyms
+   Body Parts & Diseases +   Abbreviations
+   Invention and Inventors +   Memorise 50 Digit Numbers in
Single Time
+   Spelling Improvements +   Theory In Points
+   Multiple Choice Questions +   Long Answers Type Theory
+   Country & their pitals/Currency/Parliament +   Comparison/Similarities theory
+   Books & Their Authors +   Working Mechanism
+   Cabinet Ministers +   Multiple Choice Questions
+   Biological Diagrams +   State & Their Language/CM/Gov.
+   Circuit Diagrams +   Memorize 100 Digit Number in
Single Sight
+   Ores/Minerals & Places +   Accurate Memory Exercises
+   Country/Import/Export
+   Cups/Trophies & Games



+   Link Method +   Alphabet Method
+   Self Meaning System +   Journey Method
+   Hearing Method +   Agarwal’s Changing Background
+   Visual Method +   Pegging Method
+   Substitute Method +   Grid Method
+   Pronunciation or Rhyme Method +   Key Word Method
+   Shape Method +   Story Method
+   Value Method +   Multi-Association Method
+   Phonetic Method +   Distortion Method
+   Magnetic Number Method +   Distortion Method
+   Rhythm Method +   Lalu Rabri Method
+   Bollywood Method +   Formula Method


We will also focus on


+   Improving Concentration Method +   Remove Exam Phobia
+   Observation Improvement exercises +   How To Retain Long
+   Cure Absentmindedness +   Control Your Mind-Ultimate Exercise
+   Exercise To Use Hidden Potential of Mind +   How To Make Acronyms
+   How To Read +   How To Make Visual Notes
+   When To Revise +   Stress Reducing Methods
+   Preparing For Examinations +   How To Sleep Deep



In-house Programmes / Corporate Workshops

According to a survey, everyone wastes around 30 minutes a day in searching the things they usually forget while performing their tasks. It means an organisation wastes its around 1/16th portion of the precious time of the total working hours. And this loss can be reduced dramatically by using our memory enhancement techniques meant specifically for organisations. We can customize the Workshop Contents as per your requirements in order to serve you at the optimal level.

We offer 6 hours programme, which can be organised in a single day only. Through this programme, we cater to needs of various corporate houses, clubs, training institutes etc. This programme is highly beneficial for all level of management and employees. They can learn how to perform better in achieving their goals by attending this path-braking programme.

Fee for the programme is Rs. 3 Lakh per programme

One Day Workshop Contents

During our workshop we will teach how to memorise different type of information. Like:



+   Basic Fundamentals of Brain, Mind & Memory +   Vehicle Numbers
+   Memory Principles +   Names and Faces
+   Calendar +   Appointments
+   Product Specification +   List of Different Kinds
+   Remembering Dates +   Speech Memorising
+   Inducing Positive Habits +   Road Maps
+   Cabinet Ministers +   Accounting Standards
+   Country/Import/Export +   Vocabulary
+   Law Sections/Acts +   Abbreviations
+   Important Days & Years +   Theory Memorising
+   Hierarchy of Company +   Memorise 50 Digit Numbers in
Single Time
+   Telephone Numbers




+   Link Method +   Self Meaning System
+   Rhyme Method +   Phonetic Method
+   Journey Method +   Roman Room System
+   Movie Method +   Bollywood Method
+   Lalu- Rabri Method



+   Improving Concentration Method +   Observation Improvement Exercises
+   Cure Absentmindedness +   How to Forget Painful Thoughts
+   How to Remove Any Kind of Phobia +   Exercise to Use Hidden Potential of
+   How to Read Well +   Control Your Mind-Ultimate Exercise
+   Stress Reducing Methods +   How to Sleep Deep


Or We Can Edit The Workshop Contents As Per Your Requirements.

According to a serve everyone waste around 30 minutes a day in searching the forgetting things.

It means an organization waste its around 1/16th portion of the time of the total working hours. And it can be reduced dramatically by using our memory enhancement techniques.


On Request Programmes

We offer this programme to educational institutes, colleges, clubs, schools etc. It includes the basic memory improvement techniques and mental exercises coupled with several innovative study tips. This programme has helped lot many children studying in schools, colleges and institutes across the country.

Fee for this programme depends upon the requirement of the institutions.

During workshops, the mode of communication will be bilingual i,e, Hindi and English

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